Grupo SATE: Strategic Branding & Web Design

Creative direction: Marcelo Smith
Design: Fun Studio


Grupo SATE: Strategic Branding & Web Design

The Challenge

Grupo SATE is a newly established company specializing in the distribution of thermal insulation materials and solutions. They came to us with a unique branding challenge: They needed to create a brand that would appeal simultaneously to diverse target audiences. Construction companies, architects, and community groups. The goal was to develop a brand identity that looked professional yet approachable, resonating with each target audience while highlighting Grupo Sate’s core values of innovation and environmental sustainability.

Brand Identity

We developed a complete brand identity and logo suite for all their potential use cases. The logo design featured three layered elements, symbolizing both the layers of their thermal insulation material and the grading system used for energy efficiency in buildings.

Launching the Brand Online

We adapted Grupo Sate’s new brand identity and logo across all digital platforms to ensure a cohesive and impactful online presence. We also designed and developed a custom website to promote their services and enhance their positioning in Google’s search results. By incorporating a SEO optimized content strategy and user-friendly navigation, the website was ready to attract new clients and generate new business opportunities for the company.
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