David Ritter
Personal Trainer

Creative direction: Marcelo Smith
Design: Fun Studio
Mockup of a website design for a personal trainer

David Ritter
Personal Trainer

In this case study we will show you how we helped David Ritter transform his online training business and get more and better clients.

David Ritter is a personal trainer who came to us with the idea to expand his services and start offering online training plans through his website.

The first step was to create a consistent brand identity for David’s brand. By establishing a system of colors, fonts and other graphic elements, we were able to move from a simple logo to a complete visual system that maintains brand consistency across all of his communication channels.

Once the brand identity was defined, we moved on to the redesign of the website. We worked hand in hand with David to package their services in the form of subscriptions. We designed a dynamic and easy to navigate website to communicate the value that David brings to his clients.

Finally we added the ecommerce functionality and payment gateway so that his customers can sign up and manage their subscriptions directly through the web.

With our help David achieved an improvement in the image and perception of his personal brand, reduced his management costs and increased conversions through the web, which translates into more customers and more revenue for his business.

In short, a complete success!

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