Domooo Brand Identity

Creative direction: Marcelo Smith
Design: Fun Studio
Domooo brand design



Domooo Brand Identity

Domooo is a technology company that provides home automation services for private homes.

They needed us to create a visual identity that would bring out the best of their brand, as well as a responsive website to offer their services online.

In our discovery process we helped them define their goals and establish a clear buyer persona for their services.This process helped us reach effective design decisions for the brand.

Establishing brand values with words like “connected”, “upstanding”, “safe”, “vibrant”, helped us connect their business goals to the visual communication and brand identity.

The use of vibrant colors combined with a clean and modern logo help the brand stand out as trustworthy but still fun and exciting.

Red represents the warmth of a home, reminding us of the color of roofs and brick, while mint green adds a more natural touch and represents the energy saving benefits that you can achieve through home automation.

The logo synthesizes and combines the idea of wireless connectivity and a home, while only using basic geometric shapes.

The brand style guide assures the correct implementation of the brand identity, including different treatments for the logo, colors, typography, and other visual elements.

Different applications for large and small sizes were tested during the design phase to ensure the brand worked as intended over all the use cases that could be intended for the logo.

The next step after defining the brand identity was to design the company website. The goal was to convey their services in a comprehensive manner and create new leads for the business.

We used scroll animations and bubble style text to convey the idea of the user talking to an AI on their smartphone or home automation device.





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