Rafa Alfaro Fitness Coach​

Creative direction: Marcelo Smith
Design: Fun Studio
Rafa Alfaro brand design case study.

Rafa Alfaro Fitness Coach

The Client

Rafa Alfaro is an online personal trainer and nutritional advisor. When he contacted us he had a good presence on social media and an effective work methodology, but he did not have an established brand identity or a platform to refer his potential clients.


The Goal

Our goal was to help him obtain more quality leads and reduce customer churn, as well as consolidate his online presence with a consistent brand that will enable him to establish himself as a reference in his field of expertise.


The Strategy

We worked hand in hand with Rafa to create a brand that represents his values and that can be applied consistently in every touchpoint of his customers journey. Once the brand was established we designed the website and conversion funnel where he can provide his clients with all the information they need to get started on their fitness journey towards a happier and healthier life.

The logo is conceived to meet the needs and values of the brand. The uppercase type makes for a strong and powerful mark. The rounded corners convey a sense of playfulness and accessibility, and the slant in the letters evoques ideas of forward movement and progress.
The symbol uses Rafa’s initial “R” together with two auxiliary lines on the side. The lines reference the metal plates on a barbell, as well as the visual representation of movement. They push the “R” forward in the same way Rafa pushes his clients towards a better life.
The brand identity uses a combination of blue and cyan tones combined with strong type and photography to convey the powerful experience of Rafa’s coaching and set the brand apart in its category.
Rafa alfaro ballers
Rafa Alfaro brand design display on a watch.
Rafa Alfaro web brand design
To help further consolidate the identity we designed a custom set of icons and interactive elements to support the brand in the digital space, both on social media and on the website.
The last step was to design and develop a fully responsive website for Rafa’s business. This is the platform where he will direct his leads generated on social media, inform them about his services and his process, qualify them through a questionnaire, and finally sign them up to his program in the most automated way possible.
Rafa Alfaro web design on mobile





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